Bewegte Bilder. Bewegende  Emotionen.

 Dazu die perfekte Komposition
 und der richtige Sound.

 Modern und Gefühlvoll. Mutig. International.



 Akustische Markenführung heißt:

 Wir schärfen Ihr akustisches Profil…


 Wir haben den Sound von morgen.

 Mehr als 40.000 Songs.

 Alle Genres.
 Subkulturell. Originell.



selected clients

Sky HD
  Porsche 911 GT3
Porsche GT3
  Nestlé Cerealien
Nestlé Cerealien
  Mastercard TV Spot
  Birkenstock Slow Life
Smirnoff Vodka


our news and our work






We composed the commercial music for Beko, the leading sponsor of the FC Barcelona.
Main actor in this TVC is Lionel Messi.



Mastercard-Trailer Berlinale


For this years international film festival “Berlinale“, PROFILE  AUDIO wrote the main trailer music for Mastercard.



Way out West


We are proud to announce that PROFILE AUDIO made the trailermusic for one of America‘s most successful TV show: Way out West.



Porsche Cayman GT4


We made the music for the worldwide release events and the webspecial "Rebels ,Race On" for the new Porsche Cayman.





This  Goldberg  commercial  is  served  with  cool  Profile  music and a shot of profile sounddesign.



Porsche Spyder


The new Porsche Boxster Spyder is driving with groovy rock guitars and a mid tempo beat. Profile did the Music for the complete Webspecial on


our news and our work






A  very fast and atmospheric piano is the leading sound of this composition for Amway/Bodykey.






The Cat

The music we did for the new SKY TV campaign is a typical Hollywood sound-alike.



Porsche GTS Routes


GTS directions offers a unique experience of selected tracks around the globe. PROFILE AUDIO accompanied the webspecial with its proven Porsche sound.



Birkenstock adults


Focussed on the adult collection by Birkenstock PROFILE AUDIO developed another serious theme for the new campaign.



Nestlé Cerealien
TV Spot


This TV spot features a funny story together with a nice peace of rock music!



The new HTC Windows Phone8


To support the new HTC Windows Phone 8 TV commercial we used a nice
hip hop beat together with an upright bass.


  our news and our work